Our etiquette training classes in Chicago help you develop impeccable manners so you can graciously move through today’s world. Founded by Jessica Lieffring, Polite Society is well-versed in traditional British manners, but strives to integrate a less-strict version into contemporary American society.

We offer a comprehensive selection of etiquette classes in Chicago to individuals, groups and corporations. Our services range from business, dining and wedding etiquette to private coaching and customized instruction tailored to your specific needs. Polite Society offers etiquette courses for modern Americans from its offices overlooking the fabled Gold Coast in Chicago as well as conducting on-site seminars for professional groups, schools, organizations and individuals of all ages.

Why Take an Etiquette Class?

The role of etiquette in our daily lives remains vital. It can help enhance your daily activities and relationships in a number of ways. From crucial telephone conversations to common pleasantries, and navigating the workplace, a knowledge of proper etiquette enables you to confidently and respectfully interact with those around you. Learning the rules of polite behavior is essential for occasions such as weddings, corporate meetings — even dates.

Why Enroll in Polite Society?

At Polite Society, we understand the value of proper etiquette and we’re sure you will, too, when you enroll in our Chicago etiquette lessons. What makes us unique is our passion to help people bring civility and kindness to our modern era of tweets, snark and forgotten manners. With our customized courses, we’ll help you gain the confidence you need to excel and feel comfortable in any social setting. Proper manners leave a lasting impression — and we’ll help you make a great one. Whether you want to learn how to channel elegance at a wedding or simply wish to polish your soft skills, our courses will teach you how to create opportunities, nurture relationships and live your best life.

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