Social Graces

A first impression is made in the first seven seconds of meeting someone. That first impression includes the way you dress, your posture, the way you make introductions, and the way you communicate. Polite Society’s Social Graces course will revisit some of the basics and show you how to leave the best possible first impression on anyone you meet.

Social Grace’s two to three-hour course addresses the topics listed below, and much more, to help you ‘Polish your Potential’.

Meeting and Greeting

  • Social Introductions (Formal and Informal)
  • Professional Introductions
  • Social Kissing
  • Small Talk
  • Remembering Names
  • Deportment, Posture, and Presence
  • Body Language
  • Dressing for all Occasions
  • Formal and Informal
  • Wardrobe management
  • Accessories: hats, gloves, shoes
  • Colors
  • Hair, nails, and make-up
  • Table Settings
  • Table Etiquette Fundamentals
  • Napkin Etiquette
  • Glasses
  • Forks, Spoons, Knives
  • Holding Cutlery and Glasses
  • Tricky Foods
  • Speeches and Toasts
  • Wine Pairings
  • Styles of Table Service
  • Seating Placement
  • Hosting a Dinner Party
  • Guest Lists
  • Menu Planning
  • Seating Plans
  • Décor and Centerpieces
  •  Being a good guest/houseguest
  • Public Speaking and Conversational Skills
  • Letters, Emails, Telephone, Thank You gestures
  • Netiquette – Mobile and Social Media

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