Post Graduate Polish

Workspace, soft skills and post graduate
Workspace, soft skills and post graduate
Workspace, soft skills and post graduate

Graduating from a university is such a wonderful accomplishment in your life’s journey. But between the exams and celebrations, there is often apprehension about the next steps, and how and where you will take them. Universities usually provide some preparation for answering interview questions and understanding basic corporate protocol, but the little details that can make a big impact on potential employers are typically overlooked. Polite Society’s Post-Graduate Polish course will help prepare you to enter the corporate world with confidence and to excel not just in a business environment, but in all your future endeavors.

The Benefits of Becoming a Polished Professional

In today’s modern world, employers are seeking prospects who not only have the technical skill to perform a job, but also the social graces and interpersonal skills necessary to succeed. Your hard-earned degree might get you an interview, but taking an etiquette class can help you polish your soft skills and land the job. At Polite Society, we help recent graduates develop the social skills they need to gracefully transition from college to the corporate world and successfully navigate the career ladder. Our post-graduation etiquette classes in Chicago teach you the essentials of workplace civility so you can gain confidence, establish credibility and handle a variety of social situations both in and out of the office. Cultivate a strong speaking voice, polish your electronic and written communication skills, and enhance your networking and social skills with our post-grad etiquette classes in Chicago.

The Post-Graduate Polish Curriculum

Topics in our post-grad etiquette training in Chicago include:

Presenting Yourself

  • Creating a Positive First Impression
  • Carrying Yourself with Confidence
  • Dressing for Success
  • Being Self-aware
  • Entering and Leaving Rooms
  • What you need to Succeed – simple tools that will set you apart
  • How to properly “Mingle”
  • Joining and Leaving Groups
  • Making Introductions
  • The Perfect Handshake
  • Small Talk – handling with ease while avoiding taboo topics
  • Exchanging Business Cards
  • Following Up
  • Seats at a Meeting
  • Being Heard, and Knowing When to Listen
  • Diffusing Difficult Situations
  • Mobile Use

Outclass the Competition With Polite Society

It can be tough to break into the working world after graduation. The competition for entry-level jobs is stiff, but one way you can set yourself apart is by learning proper etiquette at Polite Society’s post-graduation etiquette courses in Chicago. Master the art of mingling, making small talk and networking so you can solidify professional relationships. Upgrade your interview skills, enhance your professional image and learn the perfect handshake so you can land your dream job. During your post-graduation etiquette training in Chicago, not only will you learn how to create an unforgettably positive first impression, but you’ll learn the common mistakes of etiquette and how to avoid them, too.

Stand out among other candidates in the professional world with our post-grad etiquette courses in Chicago. Contact us today to learn more about our classes.

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