Post Graduate Polish

Graduating from a University is such a wonderful accomplishment in life’s journey. Between the exams and celebration, there is often apprehension about the next life steps, and how and where you will take them. Universities usually provide some preparation for answering interview questions and basic corporate protocol, but often the little details that can make a big impact are overlooked. Polite Society’s ‘Post Graduate Polish’ will help prepare you to enter the corporate landscape with confidence and to excel in that environment and all your future endeavors.

  • Presenting Yourself
    • Creating a Positive First Impression
    • Carrying Yourself with Confidence
    • Being Self-Aware
  • Successful Networking
    • What Do You Need to Succeed – simple tools that will set you apart
    • How to Properly “Mingle”
    • Joining and Leaving Groups
    • Making Introductions
    • The Perfect Handshake
    • Small Talk – handling with ease while avoiding taboo topics
  • Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
    • Exchanging Business Cards
    • Following Up
    • Seats at a Meeting
    • Being Heard, and Knowing When to Listen
    • Diffusing Difficult Situations
    • Mobile Use