Compliments are gifts that cost nothing and can mean everything. When you have thought about how you like something someone has (beautiful dress, nice jacket etc.), or they did a great job etc. please tell them. Sharing kind words is something that can truly brighten someone’s day, and it is never wrong to say something nice to someone. Do take care to only pay compliments when they are sincere, and you truly mean it. Don’t just say something nice to say something or fill a void in conversation. Don’t be stingy with compliments, or over exaggerate, but be genuine and sincere. This kindness will go a long way.

Accept compliments graciously. The best way is to just say “thank you”. Don’t reply with a negative or ugly truth. Example: “Your hair looks really good today”, “Oh, thanks, I haven’t washed it in four days…have to love dry shampoo.” JUST. SAY. THANK YOU. A kind statement can be undone with a negative acceptance, so just keep it simple, say thank you and smile.