Young lady at the gym holding a mobile phone.Mobile phones are integrated into every facet of our lives, and the gym is one of those places where it is most considerate to be aware of how you are using your phone. Many people use fitness apps, or document their workout sets etc. in their phones, and this is completely acceptable. However, there is a fine line between using your phone as a fitness resource, and just “using your phone”. Check out these Do’s and Don’ts tips to learn how to properly use your phone at the gym:


  • Use your phone to track sets, weights etc.
  • Use your phone as a timer
  • Look at your calendar to schedule an upcoming group fitness class or personal training session


  • Hog equipment, by resting on it and scrolling through your Twitter feed
  • Take gym selfies and post on Instagram…you should be going to the gym to get a workout in, not just document that you were there!
  • Talk on your phone. Again, people are generally there to work out and do not appreciate overhearing your conversations.
  • Take pictures or talk on the phone in the locker room.