Social Graces

Polish your soft skills to present your best self.

  • Meeting and Greeting
    • Social Introductions, Social Kissing, Small Talk, Remembering Names
  • Deportment, Posture, and Presence
  • Body Language
  • Dining Etiquette
    • Table Etiquette Fundamentals, Holding Cutlery, and Glasses, Table Settings, Tricky Foods, Speeches and Toasts

  • Entertaining
    • Being a good guest/houseguest, guest lists, menu planning, seating plans, décor, and centerpieces
  • Dressing for all Occasions
    • Formal, informal, wardrobe management, hats, gloves, colors, hair, nails, and make-up
  • Communications and Correspondence
    • Letters, Emails, Telephone, Thank You gestures
  • Mobile and Social Media
  • Public Speaking and Conversational Skills