Modern Gentleman

We may be living in a time where many think “chivalry is dead,” but that gives us the perfect opportunity to polish our skills and behave more like gentlemen to truly stand out, in a good way. The modern gentleman course covers the following, and in no time will have you as dapper and charming as ever!

  • The Modern Gentleman’s Social Graces
    • Personal Image
    • Dining Etiquette in Social and Professional Settings
    • Being a Good Host/Guest
    • Wedding Etiquette
    • Bar/Pub Etiquette
    • Gym Etiquette
    • Mobile Etiquette
    • Transportation Etiquette – driving, public transit, travel
    • Tipping

  • The Modern Gentleman Dates
    • Respecting Women/Men
    • Carrying Yourself – walking, standing, etc.
    • Pulling out chairs, opening doors, holding elevators, assisting with coats
    • Offering/Carrying Heavy Items
    • Modern Dating
  • The Modern Gentleman at Work
    • Professional Image
    • Introductions
    • Presentation Tips
    • Respecting the Hierarchy, and Earning Respect
    • Networking
    • Telephone/Mobile Etiquette
    • Email Etiquette